Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have so many things I should write about in this post

We shall have BULLET POINTS! Excellent solution.

- Pehrspace(Craft): FUN! I was really proud of my table, met lots of new friends, bands were great, bought and traded for a few fab items like a clutch from Meowthings and a feather barrette from Nittio Nio (both pictured!)

- Came home on Monday: TO THIS! Actually far more joyus than it might appear (see post on new furniture below!). Some of our new items were delivered over the weekend and we've been working on placing them and getting settled. Sadly, I got a call on Monday morning about how our sofa fabric is stuck in Japan (or some other such fiasco) so we will be without a sofa for a bit longer. We actually might pick a new fabric, hopefully samples will be in the mailbox when we get home. I spent something like four and a half hours last night cleaning out our kitchen. FULL ON NESTING MODE!
- I have a ton of items leftover from Pehrspace and I'm working madly to get them all listed in my Etsy shop. I've listed almost 20 so far and I've got tons more to go. I'm really happy with how my pearl cluster earrings photographed this time around, check it!
- Perfume front! Yesterday I tried out Absolutley Irresistible by Givenchy. I opened up the packet thinking "I'm not gonna like this one" just because the red, glittery bottle screamed "MALL PERFUME!" to me, but I was SO WRONG! Its great. Its floral and a bit fruity without being overly sweet and it wore for HOURS! It also comes in a mini rollerball bottle which is a huge plus in my book (being a perfume whore, I almost never finish a full size bottle).

Thats all I've got.


Domesticrazy said...

Congrats! Our craft fair was not nearly as fun. I love the photo, too. Gah, I really have nothing to say. Just hello!

organicstills said...

I see you went with the table tents! Mine would have worked much better if I hadn't been next to an exterior door that blew them over every time someone went through! Paul says you need his written permission next time you decide to put a picture of him up on your blog. Hehe. =)