Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Guides and Poison

My super awesome blog and Craftster buddy Refabulous let me know that this necklace is currently featured in Etsy's Environmentally Friendly Gift Guide, which is very exciting and explains why the necklace which I listed yesterday has, like, a zillion views already. Hooray!

Today's perfume tryout was SUPPOSED to be Diesel's Fuel For Life which wins my "Favorite Perfume Name" award for this batch of samples and was set to win my "Best Packaging" award . . . Alas! The nifty envelope that allegedly sprays perfume when you squeeze the bottle TOTALLY DOES NOT WORK. I pressed everywhere and even ripped the thing apart but nothing. Not even a little drop to smell. Whatever.

On to another sample, Dior's Pure Poison. Of the 6 samples, I expect this one is most my speed. Its a very rich, heady floral. I do like my fragrances on the geriatric side; lots of single note florals like rose or orange blossom. This one smells divine and as of 3:30 pm it is still lingering on my wrists. It is surely a "night out" type fragrance, which is perfect since my firm holiday party is tonight! I shall be wearing my Poison :)

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Mrs. Breedorf said...

Hi! I'm checking out your blog! I was impressed by how you and the boy were able to come to an agreement on all that furniture when it sounds like you have quite different style preferences. Also, I'm really enjoying the perfume reviews. Please continue!