Friday, November 7, 2008

You've got 20 minutes

Boy and I have been having a bit of a time getting dinner on the table lately. I've been working late pretty often, we've been doing the 30 Day Shred together after work most nights (you guys should see my abs . . . seriously!), then taking into consideration the little matter that we're both small business owners IN ADDITION to our day jobs and its kind of a wonder we get ourselves fed at all. Let alone well or regularly.

Some of our favorite really fast dinner options are:

1) Pasta: 1/2 a package of whole wheat pasta, boiled, drained and tossed with shallots sauteed in olive oil, fresh basil ribbons, bits of chopped tomato, a handful of Parmesan and lots of pepper (15 minutes or so)

2) "Meat" and Veg: Riblets (which are freaking AWESOME!) with whole wheat cous cous (made in the microwave with grated Parmesan and pepper for flavor), and a bag of fresh, steam in the nuker broccoli (about 20 minutes staring at the microwave, but bonus points for not using any pots or pans!)

3) Comfort Food Extravaganza!: I make "meat" loaf using Yves Veggie Ground Round, 1 egg, about 1/3 a cup of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and 1/3 of an onion, finely diced . . . form into 6 balls, toss into a muffin pan and bake at 350 or so for 15-20 minutes. Then on the side either make from the box au gratin potatoes (like my grandma used to) or a quick green bean casserole (2 cans of french cut green beans drained really well, spread in a shallow baking dish, evenly topped with blobs of condensed cheddar cheese soup straight from the can, sprinkled with french fried onions, baked at 350-ish for 15 mins or so).

4) Tacos: Veggie Ground Round again, sauteed with store bought taco seasoning. Sliced peppers and onions sauteed in another pan with some olive oil. Lay out tortillas, salsa, a bit of cheese or lettuce, whatever's in the fridge (like, 15 minutes flat)

Its a pretty decent repertoire, I think. And I do cook a "real dinner" at least twice a week. But we are starting to get a bit bored and would LOOOVEEEE to hear any suggestions you may have for quick veggie dinners (<-fishing).

And not to leave you with a photoless post three times in a row, my friend Natalie did a work craft fair today and I sent over a bunch of jewelry to help fill up her table. I bought a round bevled mirror to lay the pieces on as a display. I could end up doing a fair this winter, and I LOVE the mirror look! If I get into the fair I've applied to I'm going to cover my whole table with mirrors I think :)

Happy weekend!


DomestiKook said...

I've made these for my veg uncle, they're yummy. :)

This one SAYS 30min, but with an extra set of hands it goes waaay faster.

all recipes also meet the dietary needs of a diabetic, and can be made wheat free. I have a complicated family. :/

Domesticrazy said...

I'm gathering recipes for you right now. We've got some great fast ones! I'm thinking cabbage and noodles, asparagus cashew stirfry, tofu cous cous, quinoa and veggies, etc.

But I'll have to post them later, because someone sucked all my energy and my brain out of me with a straw. Ughzzzz