Thursday, November 13, 2008

Makeup and Meltdowns

I have to do my own hair and makeup for my wedding. Have I mentioned this? Well, I do. And I'm not terribly worried about the makeup thing, I have always loved makeup. You could almost say it is a hobby of mine.

I still remember the first makeup I owned. My parents friends Billy and Mickie (who were really more of an aunt and uncle to me than they were friends of my parents) bought me a little makeup bag for my fifth or sixth birthday and inside were a tube of teal mascara (this was 1980-something), a pan of four pastel eye shadows (blue, pink, lavender and teal), a pink blush and a frosty pink lipstick. Note that I can't remember exactly which birthday this was, but I can tell you the exact shades of all the makeup.

Even as a young child I was allowed to wear makeup on the weekends for fun. In sixth grade my parents let me wear lipstick to school. My dad actually got called into the principal's office at one point over said lipstick; where he told her that I was ALLOWED TO wear it, thankyouverymuch. In junior high I was allowed to wear whatever makeup I wanted . . . my mom's reasoning being that if I was going to apply it badly for the first few years, I'd be better off if those years were in junior high, rather than in high school.

All this back story is really just to drive home the point that I KNOW HOW TO DO MY OWN MAKEUP and that this bridal thing should be a piece of cake for me. I'm somehow feeling a lot of pressure though. I've done a few trials and I always either end up with WAY too much stuff on my face or with a look thats really too similar to my everyday makeup.

So yesterday, big idea in mind, I hemorrhaged some money at Sephora then ran home and came up with this:

What think you guys? I know, it photographs really light, but trust me there is a lot of makeup going on there. FULL makeup, no doubt. (Proof: Foundation, Concealer, Blush (In, um, Orgasm. GAH! Why so inappropriately named?! My mother reads this blog!), Highlighter (Clear Radiance), Powder, Eye Shadow (Stila but discontinued), More Eye Shadow (Vintage Ruby), Lipstick, Eyeliner (in black), Eyebrow Pencil (good old Maybeline) and Mascara of indeterminate origin) The point though is to look good IN THE PICTURES, and I'm not sure I look "made up" enough . . . but then when I do add more I think I look clownish and costume-y, both of which things I'm totally trying to AVOID in my wedding photos.

Those of you who are married, how was your makeup for your wedding? How do you feel about it now, looking back at your photos? Do you think you should have worn more or less?


Shelly Overlook said...

You look lovely in that photo. Truly.

I had my hair and make up done before our very small wedding in Hawaii. In hindsight, I probably would have saved the money and done my make up myself. I sort of imagined she would do something magical that would transform my face. In reality she didn't do anything that I couldn't have done myself, which was sort of my normal times 10.

Nutsy Coco said...

I'll definitely give my input since I've JUST done that myself :) I had my hair done but I did my makeup myself. I thought about having it professionally done, but then I heard about women who thought it was too much and they didn't feel like themselves. I don't usually wear much makeup and decided I'd rather have not enough than too much.

I was happy with what I did which was fairly light, although I wish I'd added some more powder later. I got a little shiny as the day wore on, but it's not the end of the world.

I think you look great in your picture and that you'll look beautiful on your wedding day. No need to worry!

Domesticrazy said...

I don't wear makeup. When I did, well, you heard about the goth phase. Which is all I know how to do. Therefore, I had mine done. I felt silly, but it was because I looked different than usual. They didn't warn me to apply powder later, so I look like I was sending signals across long distances with my forehead in all my pictures.

My advice is to do your own, make sure your eyes and lips and cheeks look like they exist (they do in the pic, good job!) and don't worry about. With your experience, you'll do great!

Keep doing it and taking pictures, though. That way you'll know if any area is too light when you're outside, etc. You're going to look GREAT!

Jane said...

I had my makeup done because I am pretty clueless in this area. I looked pretty caked on (to my usually pretty natural tastes) but in the pictures it looks really natural. I think you need more than everyday because the flash does bleach out a bit. YOu are doing the right thing by practicing and taking pics. Take some inside with flash and outside too.

HollyLynne said...

you guys are the best, thank you for the input!!! The photo I posted isn't w/ flash, just really bright bathroom lights. But its true, flash will wash me out even more! More blush, methinks. I'll try some outdoor photos as well, especially once things start getting cloudy and glum here cause, yeah . . . Wales. :)

Lisa said...

I really like the look you created. As a makeup artist that teaches brides how to DIY, I would like to offer up 3 little tweeks to perfect your bridal look. First, I would add a bit more concealer from the inside corner of your eye down under your eye. I always add the concealer after the makeup base. Second, with a q-tip or wedge makeup sponge I would blend out the outer corner of the brown eyeshadow. From your lower lashes angle up towards the end of your eyebrow, wiping off any that falls outside that line. And lastly, smile! You've really done an amazing job on your own. Practice once or twice more and you'll be a pro.

Paul said...

wow, Lisa, thanks so much for the advice!!! I see what you mean totally about the concealer and the blending. For sure I'll add those bits in on my next try!

HollyLynne said...

Comment from Paul actually from ME. Sorry . . .dangers of using your fiance's computer :)

TamaliMama said...

I did my own makeup because I do not wear very much at all, read most days none, but on your wedding day with all the pictures you want to look your best, they ae not phots that you can overdue. Do what you are comfortable with, with maby a bit of flaire, go for it! You ARE getting married in a castle!