Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello, Holidays!

The rush has begun! My Etsy sales are picking up for the holidays and I've started to crank out more and more items to add to my shop. In addition, I was just accepted to be a vendor at PehrSpace(craft) on December 13th (much more information will be forthcoming, I promise!) and since this will be my first fair, I'm FREAKING OUT about supply and table display. I'm not sure how many items to bring . . . but my plan so far has just been to GO FOR IT. I'm going to make as many as possible and whatever doesn't sell I can list in my Etsy shop later. There isn't time to bring in additional supplies before the show (which is actually great since I'm already REALLY well stocked at the moment and I SHOULD be using up my existing stash). Last night I made up 6 gypsy coin bracelets and 13 pairs of coin earrings . . . and that was just having sorted through my silver toned coin stash. I also plan to make a collection of gold and copper toned bracelets, brass and copper toned earrings as well as earrings without coins, base metal necklaces in silver and brass tone and of course, sterling and pearl, gold and pearl and ancient precious metal pieces. I'm thinking I should have about 100 items to take to the fair.

As for displays, last night I stopped at Ross and bought a damask silver table cloth and two pewter picture frames to use in making modified versions of Joyful Abode's jewelry displays for my earrings. My table is 25 inches square so I plan to drop the table cloth over it, set up the frames to display my earrings, use cut glass bowls (I have several handy) to display my coin bracelets and use the round mirror I already have to display necklaces. I would LOVE to find some kind of a "tree" situation to display my sterling and gold necklaces, as those are delicate and prone to tangling (not to mention they'd look much nicer if they were hanging and catching the light).

I think since I price all of my bracelets the same that I can get away without tagging those . . . earrings I do price differently but I think I can sort them in rows based on price. I'll have to tag the necklaces but if I can spare myself the work of tagging everything, then having to tag one category isn't that bad!

PHEW, right?!


Nutsy Coco said...


If you have the time and desire, I think you could make something similar to the tree with wire. You could use a heavy gauge (maybe doubled or tripled) for the basic shape and then wire wrap it with a lighter gauge to hide the base wire. I made something that way to put my rings on and I've had it for years.

Beans said...

You'll do great, heck we were ok at the end of ours and d-crazy is going back for more 12/5.

Melissa said...

Congrats .. and Good luck!!!
I'm sure you will do fine and maybe be able to do things like these more often.

ReFabulous said...

You're a brave woman! I can't wait to hear how it goes... I'm living vicariously through you on this one! The earring frames sound really neat. Be sure to post pics of your table for us.