Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I may be the last

Has everyone been reading but me?! I finally went and checked it out last night and WOAH! I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. Boy too. Especially that cow one.

Which is good. I needed a laugh. My allergies have been SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME latley and I'm almost at the end of my rope. I went to my allergist this morning and he suggested allergy shots which is all very well but those take over a year and SOME OF US would like to be pregnant sooner than that. I'm assuming you can't get injected with allergy medicine once a week while pregnant. And, MY GOD, I think you probably shouldn't be taking any Allegra or nasal sprays either. . . ZOMG AM GOING TO DIE!!!

Speaking of pregnancy, I was poking around online yesterday trying to find a non-teenager-ish belly ring for my piercing. You know, something that ISN'T festooned with butterflies and pink sparklies. Like, maybe a nice sterling bar would work. Maybe with a garnet or some other gemstone inset? While I was looking I stumbled upon maternity belly rings and, seriously ladies, don't go clicking that link if you're prone to fainting. Not to scar anyone's mental image bank but they're, um, several inches long and FLEXIBLE. Maybe its just me but I always figured I'd take the ring OUT while pregnant, not shove 4 inches of PVC through the hole.

But, anyways.


Melissa said...

Wow I couldn't imagine wearing one that long through my belly button, I'd be afraid of it catching on something!! =/
...and what about people's belly buttons that poke out during pregnancy? I mean I took mine out and re-pierced it later with the old jewelery, that was good enough for me :)

HollyLynne said...

wow! that answers one of my big "always been afraid to ask" questions . . . so the hole DOES close?

Laura said...

Thank you for helping me to waste over an hour of my evening laughing at the failblog site! Oh LORD, that is funny stuff! Rest assured that you are not the last person to have heard of that blog. Thanks for my addiction to that link.

More than that, I REALLY want to thank you for the most amazing earrings that I won from your Pay It Forward contest! They were stunners from the picture on your blog, but seriously, when I opened the gift box they were even more "WOW" than I could have expected. You do such amazing work that I just sat in awe wondering how that fine detail is even possible. Thank you so much for drawing my name and sending them so quickly! My ears are excited to hang out with their new pals!

Domesticrazy said...

You might be able to have the shots while pregnant-I don't know. If you want (and assuming I need to go see him) I'll ask my OB for you. I do know that there's very little you can take for anything else, so if you have any dental work you need done, get it done now!

I also love fail blog and its associated LOLs. The curious cow one brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. Those things are GREAT for crappy days!