Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sold my 500th item on Etsy this morning!!! The necklace pictured at left, one with a Dutch coin dated 1905 and freshwater pearls. YEA!!!

I'm going to try not to get all mushy here but I've got to say that MAN has Etsy been good to me. I opened my shop at the very end of February, 2007 thinking "maybe I'll make enough money to buy some fancy yarn!". In my wildest dreams never did I expect that my shop would be paying for my whole WEDDING, but it is! My day job, though I love it, isn't especially creative . . . Etsy gives me a fantastic outlet for all of my creative energy and ideas. My shop took off pretty quickly, so I've had to learn everything I know about small business, budgeting, taxes, accounting, customer service, shipping, logistics and inventory completely by fire. Its been a lot of work . . . don't forget, each of those 500 items sold was made BY HAND by me! Then packaged by me, and shipped by me, and accounted for by me. But I wouldn't trade the experience of the last 20 months for the world, and I'm hoping that someday soon I'll be celebrating my 1,000th sale!

Reminder, if you haven't, to enter my pay it forward contest below! I'll be picking a winner first thing Friday morning, you're free to enter the contest until midnight tonight!


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Im so Happy for you!!! I have let the shop go and since my boy is out of town this weekend I have plans to update it a bit.

Melissa said...

I'm not writing to be in the contest (I know it's closed) but I just wanted to say Congratulations! That is an amazing achievement!! I love shopping Etsy and have to say you can really see all the hard work that goes into all the work there. A whole Wedding, I'm so happy for you!!