Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cumberland

So, in the back of our minds, boy and I have been half-assedly (yep, its a word.)looking for an alternate hotel in London. We booked the County Hall Travel Inn months ago just to hold ourselves a room at a good rate (the earlier you book the better your rate, with that chain.) I've stayed at County Hall twice now and I've been very satisfied with it. Its basic though. No frills. And "cheap" for London (by which I mean I had a rate locked of 399 pounds for 3 nights. At today's exchange rate, thats $684. But the exchange rate is all over the place. It could just as easily translate to $800 or more. Seriously.) And since these three nights in London are technically the tail end of our HONEYMOON, I kinda had it in mind that if we could find a great rate elsewhere, we should take it.

Last night we were looking at a hotel my mom suggested and were thhiiiissss cllooooseee to booking when on a whim I decided to check Travelocity. I've booked through them before, but only for Vegas and Anaheim hotel rooms, never overseas. I scanned the first 2 pages of results for my dates . . . too expensive . . . kinda gnarly . . . and then, SHOCKED, I stumbled upon a rate of $250 a night (in dollars) at The Cumberland.

On my first trip to London we stayed at the Bryanston Court Hotel which was a sweet but very basic hotel right around the corner from The Cumberland. (It was 1989, those high tops were the PINNACLE of fashion!) I remember The Cumberland as that NICE hotel down the street. They had DOORMEN! We walked through there a bunch of times, ate and shopped there, but to STAY there?! I'd never even imagined I could!

The hotel has had an EXTENSIVE modern remodel since 1989 but the fantastic location is of course the same and its still a top quality hotel. Considering we were planning to stay in a hotel where the shampoo is on a dispenser in the wall, this is a serious upgrade. Which, exchange rate depending, may or may not cost us more than our original booking would have.



Beans said...

Good for you! One day I plan on taking a month and touring Europe. Someday. A long way away.

Jane said...

That is so awesome!! I have had some bad experiences booking flights on Travelocity. So glad you have had a good experience. Maybe it's time to forgive that gnome afterall!

HollyLynne said...

thanks guys!!!
jane: i've never had trouble w/ travelocity . . . but you should probably forgive the gnome for hotels at least, the hotel deals are really spectacular!

Domesticrazy said...

Congrats and good job! It's so very nice to stay at a nice place for a good rate, you feel pampered AND smart. And by the end of the honeymoon, hopefully you'll need some rest!