Monday, September 15, 2008


Thanks to the Thirty Day Shred, I spent most of the weekend hobbling around, entirely unable to walk without a) locking my knees or b) marching a bit like a toy solider. And don't even get me started on STAIRS.

I skipped the workout on Saturday, took a hot bath and some advil, ate a banana, and felt recovered enough to do the workout again on Sunday evening. Guess what? I CAN WALK TODAY! This is a good thing, as I had to go to work and all.

I think this means I'm getting stronger. I've got to admit though that I felt OVERWHELMINGLY guilty to have missed the workout on Saturday. I do think my muscles needed a little time to recover, and based on the fact that I did the workout last night yet I can still walk today, I think I did the right thing. But MAN, the guilt! I'm going to spend some time googling "muscle recovery" today just to keep myself from feeling like a total jerk.

In other news, I've discovered that a silver polishing cloth does AWESOME things to vintage coinage. Check out a few of my recent items. I've also been expanding my REALLY OLD STUFF line and sold my first Georgian period coin necklace over the weekend.

I also got the headband that I ordered on behalf of my mom from Domesticrazy and Beans' shop Moira and Alice. SO CUTE!!! These girls really know their stitching! Totally clean and neat work, the likes of which I could not do without hours of work and ripping out lots of bad stitches! They're going to get some holiday business out of me for sure, and should from you too :)


Beans said...

Thank you soooo much for the plug. I am so glad you liked it too. Seriously try the desert and forget about the shred. mwuaaa hahahaha

Domesticrazy said...

Hey! We have power again. Dude, you are scaring me with the 30 Day Shred update...but once it gets here I'm going to try it anyway. I have the feeling I'll be crying in a puddle on my floor halfway through instead of enjoying it (I have no muscle left from my athlete days AT ALL) but still, I have to see if I can do it, too.

And dude, THANKS for the plug in stereo here!