Friday, September 19, 2008

One String of Carnelian, Hours of Fun!

I just got my latest supply order in from Fire Mountain Gems. It was a BIG one (90 something items). I've been having a hard time keeping my supply stash filled out lately . . . I've been making SO MUCH and selling lots too (yea!), but I've had some trouble translating that into ordering.

A few weeks ago I was placing a Fire Mountain order and I looked to see how I was doing on cardboard jewelry boxes for mailing. I decided I was all good . . . had enough for a month or so even. Then, by the time that order was shipped (two days later!) I'd run out of boxes completely and had to place ANOTHER order. And since I ALWAYS place orders of 50 items or more so I'll get the best discount possible, I had TWO boxes, each with over 50 jewelry making items, en route to me AT THE SAME TIME.

So I've been trying to over order lately . . .and trying to anticipate what I'll need and what I'll want in advance. This latest order included a few new things for me to try, the first of which I got into was a strand of Carnelian.

OMFG, SO PRETTY!!! How come I've never thought to use Carnelian before?! Its SO RED! And SHINY! I mixed it with brass and with pearls and even with a bit of closionne. MUCH FUN WAS HAD!

I'll be listing all these items in my Etsy shop over the next . . . few weeks? I've got a HUGE stash of finished items for listing right now . . .maybe 40 or so pieces? (told you, I've been on a making binge latley!).

And as for Fire Mountain . . . I think getting new supplies breeds NEEDING new supplies; I've got another order in the works. I'm up to 30 items (including MORE CARNELIAN!) but I'm going to try to hold out hitting that 'buy now' button until late next week. Unless, of course, I run out of something inane but TOTALLY CRUCIAL like, crimp beads or something.


ReFabulous said...

Ooohh, it's so gorgeous and rich. (And my favorite color!) I love ordering supplies.... it's like guilt-free splurging, and then you get to play with your new stuff. How can it get any better?

Barbara said...


carnelian is one of the most awesome stones ever. "OMFG" absolutely! Have you tried it with cameos? So pretty.

I adore the cloisonne earrings -- that's a copper or a bronze finish on the chain, right? I love those warm tones together!

HollyLynne said...

thanks guys!!! I'm going to order some more . . .MUST HAVE MORE!!! :D And yeah, refabulous, LOVE that we can supply shop without guilt!! its the best!

Barbara, the metal is antiqued brass. I love the colors together too! I made another, different pair last night, also with brass. its such a great fall/holiday combo! :)

Softflexgirl said...

Pretty. :)

HollyLynne said...

thank you!!! :D

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Holly Lynne,

Good news for the carnelian lover in you. (1) We have scads of carnelian beads in our online store. (2) We have even more varieties of them at our bead shows, which are coming to your area in late October!

Dig the red,

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