Thursday, September 25, 2008

OMFG, Getting MARRIED!!!

It just occured to me that I'm getting married on March 10th. This should come as no suprise to me, since I PICKED THE DATE. However, having gotten engaged in January, boy and I did a lot of planning right off the bat then more or less left the whole thing alone. I mean, within a day or two we had a date and a venue. We had that whole international insurance fiasco, but got everything squared away by March-ish. I bought my dress over 6 months ago so I have it hanging in my closet now. Our flights and hotel bookings, and those of our families, are all taken care of.

But, omfg, there is so much more to do.

I got on the case these last few days. #1, first and foremost, we NEED AN OFFICIANT. It'd be pretty lame to drag everyone to Wales then have nobody to marry us. I did start working on this a few months ago, I have the name and phone number of an officiant in North Wales. But with the time difference and all I've been putting off calling her. MUST!!! DO!!! SOON!!!

Yesterday I found a hotel near Hampton Court for boy's mom and siblings and got that reserved for them. I also started working on trying to set up a Hampton Court ghost slide show for everyone; given by one of our palace friends, Ian, who is HCP's resident ghost expert.

I called this morning and made an apointement with a tailor who was highly reccomended by a dear friend of mine (whose wedding dress fit like it was made for her). My mom and I called The Albion in East Molesy and confirmed that they can do a semi private party for us and our local friends the Saturday before the wedding.

Still to do: Buy train passes (although I've reserached what we'll need for boy and I and for boy's family), BUY RINGS, buy a UK voltage garment steamer for my dress . . . boy needs something to WEAR to the wedding but thats his problem. Then there are things that we really can't do until the last minute . . . like printing out train schedules for all of our trips and setting up a Fedex situation to get my dress home from Wales.

Its coming along though. Here's some link-y share-age!

3/5/09 - Fly to London
3/6/09 - Arrive in London, stay at Hampton Court, dinner at the Prince of Wales with My parents, Paul's mom and siblings
3/7/09 - Party for family and UK friends at The Albion
3/8/09 - Dinner for family at The Mitre followed (HOPE!) by a Hampton Court Ghost Presentation back at our apartment.
3/9/09 - Travel to Conwy, Check in to the Castle Hotel
3/10/09 - WEDDING DAY!!! Ceremony at Conwy Castle followed by dinner at Dawson's Restaurant
3/11/09 - Boy and I are taking everyone to Caernarfon Castle for the day
3/12/09- 3/16/09 - Boy and I are going to be in Edinburgh for our honeymoon, staying at the Bank Hotel and planning trips to Mary King's Close, The Witchery, The Scotch Whiskey Experience, and as many other silly touristy things as we can manage.
3/16/09- 3/18/09 - Boy and I will be in London staying at the kinda boring but excellently located County Hall Travel Inn.
3/19/09 - Fly home (boo!!!)


Nutsy Coco said...

It's amazing how it hits all of sudden, isn't it?! I look at the # of days left before my wedding and have a mini-panic every day! We really do have a lot done but then I think about what's still left to and OMFG we only have 5 weekends left before the wedding!! But it will all come together and I'm sure we'll both have AWESOME weddings!

Domesticrazy said...

I admire the size of your cajones getting married so far away! It really does sweep by so fast, and the next thing you know it's been five years and you're laughing at whatever went wrong that day.

Just keep going, have fun, and it'll be wonderful. I promise!

Small admission: I wimped out last night on Shred. After E went to bed and the day care work was done it was 9:30, and I was too intimidated to start the pain. Trying again tonight!