Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, god, the brownie making MUST STOP!

Swistle, I love you but DAMN woman, can you post a salad recipe or something to fix the brownie monster you've created?!!??! :)

I've made three batches of brownies . . . the mint ones below. Then another batch with an orange chocolate bar that was a little less successful (quite dry). Then a third batch with a raspberry chocolate bar that was QUITE nice and fudgey but not so raspberry.

I'm thinking that filled bars give a little extra moisture which translates into the fudginess that I like. The mint is more or less perfect, but I'd like to play with the orange a bit by adding orange essence or maybe some marmelade. Then the raspberry was perfect texture wise but not flavor wise. I'm thinking maybe cutting up some actual raspberries and mixing them in might adjust the flavor without throwing off the batter.

Which all, yeah, you know, means I'll be making more brownies.

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Domesticrazy said...

No matter how many workouts I do, there is no way I will not increase my ass size if I eat even one of those delicious bastards.

But they look SO GOOD!