Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I FECKING LOVE FALL. I LOVE cold weather and gloom. I love the clothes. I love the excuse to wear lots of plaid. And HELLO! Fall's first holiday is one that revolves almost entirely around the EATING OF CANDY. You'd have to be a dipshit not to love that.

This fall I'm especially enamoured with this whole neo-goth trend. I've always sort of wanted to be a goth. For example. Goths will kick your ass at pretty much anything.

Anyways . . .

My first big purchase for Fall was a pair of black skinny J & Company Jeans . (I paid less than that for them!). Check out the back pocket design. Nice and gothic :)

I've always been a huge fan of black nail polish (I'm going to wear it to my wedding. I just can't stomach the thought of pale pink.) Sephora has a new line of nailpolishes by OPI with a few nice black alternatives like "Metro Chic" (third from the bottom, and sold out at that!). "I'm With Brad" has caught my eye as well.

Even Bath and Body Works (!) has gotten in on the action by releasing a new fragrance for fall: Black Amethyst. Boy and I picked up a candle in the scent over the weekend. Its nice. Sweet still, I mean, it IS Bath and Body Works. But not fruity and packaged in nice smoky black glass.

While we were out over the weekend boy and I also TRIED ON WEDDING RINGS! Fun!!! We tried to go back to the antique dealer who sold boy my engagement ring but the building had been damaged by a fire (!). They moved shop up the street to a storefront that also houses a vintatge couture and wedding dress shop. GENIUS idea! It was all I could do not to fondle the antique wedding dresses.

I tried on a few rings and I think boy and I agree that I should go with a 1920's era band with diamonds all the way around. The problem is, they can't size eternity bands and my fingers are freakishly small (my ring size is 4 1/2), so we might have some trouble finding the right ring in the right size. I tried on a few options that worked though and the shop gets new stock in every week, so I'm sure with a little time we'll find the right ring. Boy tried on a few antique rings and also a few titanium options at another store. Boy wants something simple, so his ring should be easy, but I was still startled by the number of choices. You'd think a men's ring would be super simple, but the titanium jeweler had LOTS of designs and options.

So yeah . . . gothic . . .wedding rings . . .how was your weeekend? :)


Nutsy Coco said...

Wow, you do have freakishly small fingers!! I wear a 6 but I have freakishly big hands for a woman. Chris and I got our rings too which was fun :) I got a simple plain band. Thought I'd like the diamond band that matches my ring but turns out I liked the simple one once I tried them on. Chris got a tungsten carbide one which is very cool. He's an engineer and all about the strength of the materials.

HollyLynne said...

ooh, neat! we've seen a few guys with tungsten rings . . .they're so cool! Boy thought they were a little too heavy for him, but he really loves the black color.

Hooray for our weddings being right around the corner :D

DomestiKook said...

My wedding band ended up (after a frantic week of searching, and while planning a wedding in only 2 weeks) being a gold band with alternating diamonds and emeralds. I tell you now to beware of emeralds! Beautiful but brittle!! You may have freakishly small hands... my husband has freakishly large ones! We had to have his band custom made, plain 14k gold, for a size 15 1/2 finger!!! Consider yourself lucky and try on something shiny for me. :)

Domesticrazy said...

I love vintage rings! My engagement ring was John's Grandmother's, and is platinum. I was going to get a matching wedding band but looked at the price of platinum and died.

It is terribly cool that there is a vintage ring shop near you!

And now I will start mentally composing my very own goth post, since I was one. Before the neo-goth "I'm so wearing exactly what all the other goths are" stage.

ReFabulous said...

LOVE the details on those super-cool jeans! And I can't wait to see what rings you choose. Fun!

HollyLynne said...

thanks guys!!
domesticrazy there used to be an entire antique jewelry MALL right by me! WALKING DISTANCE from my old apartment!! They had a fire though and all the dealers found new spaces. The dealer who sold boy my ring moved to the vintage wedding dress shop . . .the others all scattered :( its sad because that one big mall, Antiquarius, was SO GREAT for selection. With literally, no joke, like 20 dealers. sigh . . . oh well, at least we go the biggest purchase done before the shop split up :)