Monday, September 29, 2008

Huntington and other fun

Had quite the weekend!!!

On Saturday I got through an EPIC cleaning out of my jewelry making supplies. When I first started making jewelry I had a box or two from Joann, like this one but a cheaper, $1.19 version. As my bead collection grew, my box collection also grew, which was all fine and dandy until I looked around one night and realized I had TWELVE BOXES. I defy anyone to find the correct jump ring, seed bead, or other item of impossibly small size when confronted with TWELVE boxes each having TWENTY compartments.

So I did a re-org and moved MANY of the beads that I don't use particularly often into small zip top bags. Anyone reading this now who is in possession of a growing bead collection, trust me, for all the fancy beading organizers you can buy in stores NOTHING is as convenient for working with a big collection as simple little zip top bags. They're portable, easy to sort through, and easy to fish beads out of. Use the small, jewelry style ones like these. Or just save up all the little bags from your Fire Mountain orders, like I do :)

I'm down to 6 boxes now (and one big one for wire and tools). Jewelry making after the re-org was SO MUCH more efficient, and more fun!

On Sunday, after all that bead cleaning (and what appeared to be the start of the flu but turned out to be nothing), I figured I deserved a break. I spent the day with boy, my parents and boy's dad and grandma at the Huntington Gardens. PHOTOS!


Nutsy Coco said...

Plastic baggies are GREAT for bead organization. I use big containers that I label (gemstones, crystals, etc) and put the baggies in those so they're easier to find. Sadly I feel like bead organization is a CONSTANT process but I do always feel better after I do a big sorting.

Dave Robertson said...

At the risk of being super obvious, you can buy a good stock of those awesome zip-loc baggies from your bead supplier. For example (my employer) Rings & Things has several sizes of plastic lock bags.


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