Friday, August 8, 2008

Weddingness (mine, for a change!)

So I hinted ages ago about making my wedding necklace and I did make it (ages ago) and have sat on it for a while trying to decide if its "bridal enough". I've gone with a YES, so if you don't like don't share! :) No, really, I do want to know what you guys think.

Its all sterling. Marcasite findings with labradorite briolettes. I bought the drop and the bail thinking they'd connect directly but yeah, not so much. So I used sterling wire to wrap them together then covered the join with a sterling crimp cover. Can you tell I had to mickey mouse it? The wire attaching the labradorite briolettes is also sterling. I'm not 100% on the chain. I might decide to go with a thinner one on the day of.

Guess what? I HIT 400 SALES TODAY!!!

And the final outfit picture of the week. Yet another top from Forever 21 (gotta make that clothing budget work for me!), wide leg Aristocrat denim jeans, a black pearl choker I made, and no shoes! (kidding, put the BC Ethic sandals on after I took this photo :))

And just to prove I OWN SKIRTS, here's an 'out to dinner' shot from last night: Dress from Forever 21, sandals from BC Ethic, two brass necklaces, one made by me one traded for on Etsy, gross and unwashed hair cleverly piled in a knot and put out of the way :)


Domesticrazy said...

You are ripping through those sales! That's great! I think that the necklace is beautiful, and bridal is what you make it. I've never heard of "Mickey Mouseing" something together...

Thanks again for all the convo help. Shipping options are being sworn at, but we're figuring it out thanks to you! Good weekend!

HollyLynne said...

really about mickey mousing? my dad says it all the time. maybe a canadian thing? thanks about the necklace! and you're very welcome about the convos, i'm so happy you guys are up and running!

Nutsy Coco said...

I love the necklace! Although I agree that the chain may not be just right. Definitely doesn't look bad, but maybe something a little more antiquey or delicate?

I've heard of mickey mouseing too :)

Congrats on your sales!! Your shop is doing awesome. I did make one sale so far in my return to Etsy. I'll take it!

ReFabulous said...

I LOVE the necklace, and it is "bridal enough." And congrats on the sales! You work so hard, and you deserve it!

Jane said...

Love that dress!