Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Really Really Old Things

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that coins have been around for a REALLY long time. And, as such, there were probably some REALLY old ones floating around in the world, just waiting to be made into jewelry.

A quick glance at Ebay proved me right :)

I placed a largeish order with several sellers and am now the proud (albeit, temporary) owner of an assortment of coins from the turn of the century all the way back to the mid 1700s. Mostly from England and France, as those coins tend to sell well. But I also have coins from Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria and Canada.

I've been pairing these mostly with gemstone beads . . . I think anything with a bit of green mixes beautifully with brass and bronze so I've been using lots of sea foam quartz, moss agate and green line jasper. I've been trying out somewhat more upscale stones as well like garnet and amethyst.

I listed my first necklace yesterday and its only had a few views, but one heart already! These aren't necessarily especially eye catching at first, as the coins are all VERY worn and well used. But I think once buyers see them and realize OH MY GOD THAT IS A TWO HUNDRED YEAR OLD COIN that they'll sell fairly well. I think they'll do great at the holiday rush season since they're a little more "big ticket" than most of my jewelry items. And if not, dude, seriously, I'd keep them all if I could! (but someone has a wedding to pay for ;))

Here's a gratuitous photo from the wedding boy and I went to over the weekend. Boy has mad photo skills.
And another photo to prove I didn't spend the whole wedding glowering around like Jane Eyre.

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Domesticrazy said...

I'm thinking about something for my sister...are any of the coins German? Hell, I guess I could just go look, someday, when I have the time to browse.

This stuff is just gorgeous, by the way. I snuck in a leeetle browse yesterday, and stopped myself from buying half of it. There is a reason I limit my Etsy time. But you'll have a sale before November ends, because the birthday/holiday extravaganza is about to start, and I have a feeling my Mom and sister will fall head over heels for your stuff!