Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Really? Joann?

Last night I stopped at Joann on the way home for some findings for a bridal order I'm going to be working on. Also found a 40% off button sale. YES!!!! Joann's is all outfitted for fall . . . Halloween and Thanksgiving. I know that craft stores get started WAY early on seasonal merchandise because, hello! you've got to have time to MAKE STUFF. Especially Halloween costumes. They should probably go a step further and stock Halloween stuff YEAR ROUND, in my opinion. Gotta say though, I was still highly amused by the display of Halloween and Thanksgiving cake decorating items. Cause yeah, I'm not exactly going to get moving on my Thanksgiving baking quite yet, but thanks for the suggestion, Joann. And in the meantime, its a little annoying that you've de-stocked on all of the more generic springy floral and polka dot cupcake papers.

The button sale inspired a little project last night. Guess what? NECKWARMERS ARE BACK!!! Do you guys think its too early? Those who live not in LA, is it cold where you are? Getting cold? Are you thinking at all about winter and fall accessories yet? Cause if I were to gauge this entirely on LA weather I wouldn't start the neckwarmers until probably December or even after. I don't want to miss the boat entirely, but is it too early?

Today I so didn't feel like getting dressed. I managed it though, can't go to work naked and all. Teal top from Forever 21 (noticing a pattern here?), black cami underneath, grey skinny jeans from Express like FOREVER ago (still like them though!), the BC Ethic sandals and a black pearl and sterling necklace I made.

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Nutsy Coco said...

Oh yeah, the fall holidays are here! Chris noticed a Halloween commercial on TV yesterday and was like, "What?!" I said give them a month and it'll be Christmas commercials.

I don't think it's too early for neckwarmers! It's still warm in central Ohio but give us a month and it'll be getting pretty cool in the evenings. Yay for fall!