Monday, August 11, 2008

Pub Night

Since my dad and boy's were both so helpful last weekend, I decided to make a special dinner this Sunday to thank them. With boy and my wedding date growing nearer, my brain has been stuck on Wales/England/Scotland pretty much all of the time. So I decided to go with a pub theme: Champ Mashed Potatoes, Leek and Cheese Pasties, Peas, and a Very Small, so as almost to be microscopic, Salad.

Champ is THE WAY to make mashed potatoes. Leave it to the Irish to do potatoes right. Boil up a bunch of white, red or yukon gold potatoes, diced with skins on. Then drain, dry out and mash with half and half, kerrygold butter, salt, pepper and sliced green onions.

The peas are self explanatory. Salad came out quite nicely I think with romaine, parsley, green onions, tomato, mini sweet pepper rings, shredded carrots, salt and pepper. That parsley was DAMN good if you ask me!

Then the pasties. There was some cheating here, I've got to admit. I bought a few tubes of Pillsbury Recipe Creations (what? I can't bake!). I sliced each sheet of dough into 4 long strips, piled a mixture of leeks sauteed in olive oil and shredded sharp cheddar on one side of each strip (let the leeks cool before mixing with the cheese to avoid a melty mess), folded the dough over and pressed the seams together. I baked them for about 12 minutes. I made 12 for 7 people. Had one left over :)

We watched a few episodes of Terry Jones Medieval Lives which I picked up on DVD a few weeks ago. HIGHLY entertaining fare!

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Domesticrazy said...

Whenever someone says "pasties" my brain goes to the other sort of pastie and I giggle. My inner child is a 12 year old boy.

And thanks, because I am now very hungry for potatoes, leeks and peas. I can't bake, either. Pillsbury rocks because a lot of their stuff is actually vegan, like icing!

Your dudes should feel very lucky to have rocks.