Friday, August 22, 2008

Jane, this post is for you!

I stopped by The Ivy on Ventura Blvd in Studio City a few days ago with the boy to browse their antiques. Boy and I want to collect a few antique pieces for our home. Nothing crazy . . . but we'd like to get a small collection going. The Ivy does antiques as well as antique inspired modern furniture AND reupholstery. They have a HUGE upholstery fabric department upstairs, all really crazy pretty and unusual stuff. And for the last few weeks they've had a TEN DOLLAR A YARD sale! Did I mention this is REALLY WIDE upholstery fabric? And PRINTS I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYWHERE ELSE (except maybe home design magazines)? AND they sold me 1/2 yard quantities for purses!

I bought three 1/2 yards . . .mixed toiles. God, if I still lived alone I'd be doing my WHOLE HOUSE over in mixed toiles right now! But boy, being male, isn't totally into them so these are going to have to be for purses :)

Meanwhile . . .I've got a few large orders of new coins in. All turn of the century or even older. I can't wait to get a new collection of SERIOUSLY antique pieces going in my shop! I'm wearing an english Georgian period penny necklace with brass and sea foam quartz right now and its positively edible.

Question for blogfriends: How much more do you think I should charge for pieces that are REALLY OLD. Like, Victorian and older. Like, years starting with 18 or 17? Boy thinks I should price them high . . . I tend to agree but I dont' know how high. Similar necklaces with more modern coins I price around $26 - $28 . . . for the very old pieces I was thinking I'd up some of the gemstone and pearl quality as well and sell them for $36 - $38. Does that sound anywhere near reasonable?

Off this weekend to a wedding (boy's cousin) in wine country. HOORAY for old grape juice! :)


Nutsy Coco said...

I think that sounds reasonable for the necklaces. I can't wait to see how they look!

Beans said...

Hey you know what to do, go back to that really cool upholstery place give them your name and # for when they get rid of their sample books and you can use those to make purses. (see my blog) I did this at one of my local shops and walked away with 34 sample books. Everything from pleather to chanile. I am in heaven. And it was all FREE.
Necklaces, I would buy it whatever the price. Your work is amazing.

Domesticrazy said...

I would say in the $30 or $40 range is reasonable, but you could also stop by an antique store and ask what they are worth. That way you have am idea or their real value.

Can't wait to see the purses!

Jane said...

Thanks for the tip!!!