Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Because we needed more pillows

Very close to my office, over on Pico, are THREE F&S Fabrics stores. The first is fashion fabrics and notions. The second is high end upholstery fabrics. But the third is the best . . . the upholstery OUTLET. The place is huge, covered floor to ceiling in bolts of fabric. All of the fabrics, at least all of the fabrics I've seen there, should retail for over $40 yard. Some silk velvets and other high end things probably over $100 a yard. But I've never seen anything at the outlet for more than $19.90 a yard. They've even got a $5 a yard table in the back!! Discounted ON TOP OF DISCOUNTS. Genius.

So the other day I was snooping around thinking it might be nice to cover my old bed pillows with something that would make a little more sense in our new bedroom. I found this INSANE beige-y fabric that can only be described as having crusaders etched into the nap (click the photo for a larger image!). It was $12 a yard. !!!

I think the pillows are helping me accept the beige carpet. It was hard going from original 1920s hardwood to beige carpet! But at least its nice, high end carpet.

So today's outfit is one of my favorites. Wide leg Aristocrat Denim jeans from Overstock.com ($44!!!), a plain grey tank and a red short sleeved jacket from Forever 21. I love how the wide leg jeans w/ the jacket look sort of suit-like but still are totally NOT A SUIT. Thats one great thing about the music industry . . . jeans every day! But its nice to look pulled together too, and I think this type of outfit totally accomplishes that. The shoes are my absolute favorites, BC Ethic sandals. The necklace I traded for on Etsy, it cost me 1 neckwarmer :)


Nutsy Coco said...

I've been to those fabric stores! I used to live on Midvale just south of Santa Monica Blvd. Sadly I wasn't much into sewing at the time and I'm sure I'd appreciate them much more now, but I know just where you're talking about.

Oh how I wish I could wear jeans every day. I'm getting so tired of all my dress pants but they're at the bottom of my spending list right now with a wedding to pay for.

Domesticrazy said...

Cthulhu approves of your necklace, and I adore it! You look very pulled together. Today I am wearing green PJ pants and a sweat and food filled black T-shirt. No socks, jewelry or taste to speak of. E is wearing a blue and orange skirt I made her and a white shirt with red ribbons. We bow before your superior style.

Also, I convo'd you on shipping on Etsy. I'm LOST.