Thursday, August 7, 2008


Oh, sweet buttery Jesus (can't take credit for that one, I stole it from another blogger), I'M DONE WITH THE AUSTRALIAN ORDER! Got the last of the coins in, convinced my dad to help me yet again with them (very willing and helpful, it must be said!), and finished everything off last night. The listings are up in my shop and I'm sitting here with the package all ready to go.


The necklace the wholesaler and I designed together is GORGEOUS, LOVE it. Black onyx beads with brass accents and a pre 1920 British penny. They came out just beautifully . . . very antique-y but still nice and sleek.

Oh the joy of being done! Boy and I are going out to dinner with a friend tonight, fantastic timing :)

Outfit picture for today features my latest steal on black wide leg Eight 14 jeans retail priced at $128 which I picked up for $14.99. I shit you not! I love They make my denim obsession affordable. I'm also wearing another of those great short sleeve Forever 21 jackets and a black cami, my brass studded shoes from Delias (bought on sale for like $12 or something ridiculous like that) and a serpentine and moss agate necklace I made a while back.


Domesticrazy said...

Lovely! The necklace gives me and idea what to do with three moss agate stones I've been wondering what to do with. (I made bracelets initially, but the stones were too heavy for bracelet action.) Congrats on getting your order finished! I love the necklace.

And thanks again for all the help. Beck and I are in your debt!!

Nutsy Coco said...

Congrats on finishing your order! It's a great necklace! Nice outfit today too :)