Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whats in the package

So as promised EONS ago, I've finally updated my Etsy packaging and taken photos for blog show and tell.

Every jewelry item from my shop is packaged in a shiny black 3 1/2 inch square jewelry box accented with a strip of magazine print (recycling!!!) (So far, I've exclusively used Bust magazines for this) and a little label with my shop name and url. I find the 3 1/2 inch boxes fit pretty much everything . . . big rusty keys included! I include a Meho Plaza sampler in every package (they're on Boy's label) and my current free gift (althogh this changes!) is a pair of brass chain and coin replica earrings packaged in a cello bag with a business card and a handwritten "Thank You!".

The freebies are forever changing. Even as I type I have a stash of peacock pearl dangle earrings that I'm going to use. I use up leftovers and extras to make freebies . . . anything goes! I do try to make sure they're something acutally useful for wearing (or regifting!) though.

Boy and I got into the Farm Boy goods for a stir fry last night. TEN items! Yellow onion, carrot, celery, shallot, leek, broccoli, snap peas, bok choy, green onions and bean sprouts. I did up some tofu in teriyaki sauce alongside. SPECTACULAR dinner . . . and I've got leftovers for lunch ;) Tonight is going to be "pub night" . . . I'm making Champ mashed potatoes (the Irish way, with green onions) and cauliflower cheese.

I think all this cooking means I'm settlling into my new home ok, right?


ReFabulous said...

Your packaging and freebies are so lovely! I know they must make a great impression on your customers.

And CHAMP?? I haven't had that in forever, and it is the BEST!

Nutsy Coco said...

Mmmm, dinner sounds yummy!

ThePeachTree said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've been meaning to do this very same thing when, ages ago, admin had a thread going on this! You do wonderful packaging :)

Absolutely Awesome Things (AAT) said...

Thanks so much HollyLynne for visiting my blog. You so talented! your Gypsy Coin Bracelet Old Gold Version is awesome! I couldn't help it when i saw it I had to feature it in my blog. Keep making more beautiful things your quite an inspiration to many of us!

Beans said...

I have been wearing my necklace around and have gotten so many compliments, I referred them all to your shop :)
I didnt know what BUST magazine was until today. Gal at work brought some in for me 'cuz she thought i might like them.
Signed up for a subscription today.
thanks again!