Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This fabric made my head explode

So I was browsing Refabulous' blog the other day and she linked to her favorite fabric store so OF COURSE I had to go browsing and what did I find but THE MOST INSANELY COOL FABRIC EVER!!!! Its a damask-y skull/pirate/satyr printed toile *head . . . exploding . . . .*

Since boy and I can pretty much only agree on one color (and that color is grey) we've bought a new grey duvet and had planned on accenting it with handmade pillows. I thought this fabric was PERFECT for some of those pillows and (GASP!) boy AGREED! So I ordered it immediately and got it on Monday and (CRAP!) I didn't have quite enough for two full bed pillows (at least not if I was going to maintain the direction of the print). So last night I stopped at Joann (after working 11 hours, MY GOD!) and picked up some decor fabric in plain black for the backs of the pillows. There was lots of pinning involved but these were actually REALLY easy to make. I did two sheets of black on the back, folded over and overlapped to make a vertical envelope opening. Under 30 minutes of work, all told.

By the way, speaking of pins, can someone more experienced than I am with sewing PLEASE tell me if there's any trick to NOT sticking yourself in the lap repeatedly with your pinned fabric while you work on a big piece? Cause that sucked.

Bedroom is getting there! See that dinky window? Thats the one we're working on a SUPER INSANELY SPECTACULAR treatment for. Hopefully that'll be a post soon :)


Nutsy Coco said...

That's awesome fabric!

ReFabulous said...

Those are super-fantastic!! I love how you used the black backings, too. Very nice!
(Isn't that the best site EVER?!)

Domesticrazy said...

Verry nice. I saw a Luis Vitton (no idea how to spell that...) bag in a magazine once made out of the same or really similar material, only $500.00.

Nice job on the pillows! I keep from sticking myself with pins in the delicate lap area by putting a book or piece of cardboard there. I only use pins when I absolutely have to,though, because I bleed every time I use them. You might try binder clips to "pin" cotton-they're effective, non-lethal and work pretty well. Not good for delicate fabrics, though.

HollyLynne said...

woo hoo!! thanks guys!!! I'm super excited about them :)

Put something on my lap! GOD, not thinking of that qualifies me not only as a poor seamstress but a MORON.

Yes, will do that!

Rachel said...

Things your mother never told you:

It's her job to leave a pin in the waistband of a dress she's just made for you. Thoroughly schooled in childhood in the art of enduring such pain, you go on to learn to sew, so that you can carry on the tradition yourself.

It's part of the discipline of grown-up sewing to stab yourself repeatedly, either as you already do, in the lap, or when you're rummaging for pins in the tin, because you couldn't find the pin cushion, or, worst of all, under the running sewing machine when you're going too fast. The next stage is for you to find a child to make dresses for, and keep the old ways alive.....

HollyLynne said...

I guess pinning yourself really is part of the allure, huh? :)