Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's this coat . . . .

Anyone who knows me in the regular world just read that title and groaned. Every year, without fail, I become obsessed with AT LEAST one heavy winter coat. Which is all well and good but I live in Los Angeles and frankly, it gets down below 60 degrees maybe twice a year. Maybe its expressly because they're so useless to me that I find winter coats so appealing? In any event I have at least a dozen. Not exaggerating.

And as I was out innocently browsing in Zara at lunchtime I found a new one to obsess over. Its black wool with double breasted buttons, a stand collar, and military detailing. I can't show you a picture because there aren't any online (and I looked, for the last half hour. Told you. Obsessed.) Its also $189 so for the time being at least I'm going to hold off. But I think ultimately I CAN make a case for needing a new coat for the wedding trip. I mean, its my WEDDING, jeeze . . . . and Wales is cold. Also, windy.

In other news, not to sound like a complete jerk but have you ever noticed how freakin' long it takes to put body lotion on in the morning? If I skip it, my skin is itchy by lunchtime but seriously, it is NOT COOL that I have to spend like 4 extra minutes in the morning putting it on when I COULD be sleeping (or taking Etsy photos, as the case may be). In the event anyone else feels the same way, allow me to share one of my new favorite products, Crabtree and Evelyn In Shower Body Moisturizer . It takes about 4 seconds to put on in the shower and it works every bit as well as any body lotion (even on freshly shaved legs!). I bought mine at the Crabtree and Evelyn store summer sale for $3 a tube ($3!) but its available year round and in a wider variety of scents online at

Still thinking about that damn coat, fyi.


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