Monday, July 28, 2008

Tackling things way beyond my skill level

So you've seen the big window in boy and my bedroom. And you've heard my story about how it was almost TOO BIG for a window treatment.

Now, meet the small window. It is a ridiculous little thing. Oddly placed high up in a corner. 16 inches wide by 27 tall. And, when I moved in, it was still dressed with the original window treatments that were installed when the condo was built. Yep, thats right, some very imaginative and exceptionally tasteful contractor had 16 x 27 inch pink and white blinds with a FECKIN VALANCE cut and installed. I mean, this was seriously Monty Python-esque shit. The window was roughly the size of a friggin coffee table book. And it had its own blinds. WITH PLASTIC VALANCE. Clearly, someone somewhere along the line had been smoking crack.

So suffice it to say finding ANY hardware sized to fit that window was right on the edge of "not gonna happen". And even when installed, the shade I planned to make (from the leftover skull/damask/toile from the bed pillows) was gonna look pretty damn wimpy up there in a 16 x 27 inch panel. So, at about 3am one night as it would happen, I came up with the brilliant idea to FRAME the window with crown moulding.

In the event that you're thinking of trying this trick too, let me save you some time, money and agony. Don't try to mitre cut things. It will only end in tears. Tears then trips back to Lowes to buy more moulding. After spending a solid week fighting with our mitre cutter (oh yes, we actually BOUGHT A TOOL SPECIFICALLY MEANT TO DO THIS!) we capitulated and bought corner blocks instead. Fortunately, both the moulding and corner blocks came pre-primed. So I painted them up pretty easily with two coats of black semigloss. Then to install, we used an adhesive that was sold alongside the moulding strips. If we'd done everything correctly the first time, this would've been a $40 project. With all the extra tools, extra moulding, and useless curtain rods we bought it was more like $100 . . .but the sense of accomplishment is, of course, priceless!

I'm really proud of this project because it came out more or less exactly as I'd imagined it. The look we're going for in the bedroom is "If Barnabas Collins read Dwell Magazine", so given that brief I think the window fits 100%. Also, this is the first project I've done that I couldn't have gotten away with in an apartment. I guess ripping out all the bedroom blinds would've been a no-no in a rental, but FOR SURE using adhesive on the window casings wouldn't have gone over too well with a landlord. So hooray for home ownership!


Domesticrazy said...

What a spectacular idea. It looks great, especially with the framed picture up, too. I agree with the smoking crack. Someone lost a bet in there as well, I'm sure. Your solution is perfect!

Woman, you are a genius.

HollyLynne said...

thanks!!! i'm pretty dang proud of this one, so i'm so glad you like it!

Nutsy Coco said...

It turned out great! And, wow, that is one tiny, seemingly pointless window! Home ownership may have it's negatives, but isn't awesome to be able to do whatever you want to the place? Even if you do end up more than doubling your budget :)

HollyLynne said...

thanks!! and yeah, its a totally pointless window. its more of a skylight . . . but vertical. . .?!!?