Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sundry, Bits, Pieces

1) There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake centered about an hour and a half's drive away from LA yesterday. 5.6 is pretty large. Even from that distance it was the strongest quake I'd felt in quite a while. Oddly, it went down around 11am . . . usually those things happen in the middle of the night. I don't know which is worse: being tossed out of your bed to rumbling and shaking at 3am or having to endure a quake on the 9th story of an office building. Office buildings in LA are usually built to sway 1 foot in each direction per floor during a quake (as in, before they snap in half). So potentially in an 18 foot radius for my floor; and although this one didn't push those limits I'm SURE we were going at least four or five. Everything is fine, everyone is fine, but I could've done without all that extra adrenaline!

2) I'm working my patootie off on that Australian order. Almost all of the coins and supplies have been delivered, I've made base chains for two of the necklace types (12 each!) so that I can just add the coins after my dad and I drill them this weekend. Also made tags and bought bags and made bag closure stickers. Its been kind of horrible and repetitive, but I'm very excited about having my work in stores in Australia and I'm making a decent profit which I SO NEED with the wedding coming up and for all the things boy and I want to do with the condo. So thumbs up to Australia!

3) About a month ago I ordered myself a bottle of Butter London Fash Pack nail polish as a gift. A self gift. When the bottle arrived it was all leaky and horrible so I emailed and asked them to replace it. Which they very easily agreed to do, but today when the package arrived it contained, not my nail polish, but a bottle of antiacid meant for someone named Gail in PA. Gail in PA . . .I have your antiacid! Do you have my nail polish???

4) I haven't yet bought the coat. I am still pondering it. But without the PMS haze its seeming less and less urgent. All told, I DO need a new coat for the wedding trip though. And I really effin' like this one.

5) I am developing a soft spot for this jacket. As in, for me to have in addition to the coat. Since, clearly, this is a JACKET and very much not the same thing as a COAT. Totally different. Would need to have both to cover all weather related wardrobe bases on wedding trip.


Nutsy Coco said...

Ugh, I think the worst feeling I ever experienced in LA was when we felt a relatively strong quake that was farther away (I think it was about a 4 where we were), I was at work on the 12th floor and the building just swayed. Bleh. My legs felt like jello! I knew buildings were supposed to do that and the architect in me knew that, but the sane part of my brain REALLY wanted to get on solid ground!

Domesticrazy said...

Uck! Glad you guys are OK. I've never been in an earthquake, and I can't imagine the gut-wrench it must cause to have the GROUND MOVING. Ground is not supposed to move. And the buildings? I get queasy when they barely sway in the wind...

I'd be running in circles and screaming like a little girl. Not helpful in an earthquake.

Good luck with all your drilling. And I agree, a coat is not a jacket.

HollyLynne said...

thanks, guys :)

Nutsy, I didn't know you were an architect!! Thats awesome! You'd probably have known then NOT to run for the stairway like I did :)

domesticrazy, its an AWFUL feeling. The worst part is that sometimes they start slow and then get stronger . . . so when you feel that first rumbling you're just waiting for the big jolt/bang that you know could happen next. Its not like you feel a little movement and you can be like "oh, just a little one!" because things can turn bad VERY VERY quickly!

Eugh . . . having Northridge flashbacks, I'm going to stop thinking about it now!!! (The good thing is though that these smaller quakes release some of the build up of pressure in the plates, so they do technically make a big ass quake less likely in the immediate future)