Monday, July 7, 2008


I finally have one!!! A sewing area that isn't also the kithen table!! A flat, sturdy surface that I can LEAVE my sewing machine out on AT ALL TIMES!!!!

The desk I picked up from the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop for SIXTY BUCKS, thats INCLUDING the chair! Its a darn solid piece of furniture too, I had dellusions that I'd be able to lift it into my car and up the stairs by myself and, well, pft . . . yeah, that didn't happen. The chair when I first bought it was upholstered in this GNARLY retro, 70s barf plaid so the very first thing I did was to recover it in a pretty black and cream toile.

Initially I had my three drawer plastic chest next to the desk for extra storage (although honestly, that desk has TONS). I went to Ross on Thursday though and I found the four drawer chest pictured and I knew it'd fit perfectly and look at that detailing! And the ring pulls match the desk!!! I found some really inconsiquental damage on the back and asked if they'd discount because of it, thinking if they'd do 10% off I'd go for it. But they gave me THIRTY PERCENT OFF!!! So mine it was.

The artwork is al from Etsy! Clockwise from top left, its: Blu Lima's Mini Keep Calm and Carry On print, Green Umbrella from RosieMusic (which I traded a neckwarmer for ages ago), King of His Castle from Cafe Baudelaire's shop (her packaging REALLY took the cake!) , Percival Takes a Moment from Pequod's shop (LOVE this one, boy bought it for me last xmas!), and lastly, So Spooky from My Busy Fingers' shop (so much fun! Makes me think of Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin :))

I pulled out some fabric and got to work on a few bags over the weekend. It took me about half the time it usually does to make a purse because everything was right there for me and I didn't have to tack on an extra 10 minutes on eaither end for set up and clean up.



Nutsy Coco said...

It's an awesome space! I moved my sewing machine to my craft room and even though it's a little too cozy, it's such an improvement over my dining room!

Jane said...

Ahh! What a relief! I could never go back now that I have a defined and dedicated space. It just makes such a difference. Props to Ross for the decent discount! Was that the AC shop in Burbank? I like that stuff in there but I find that sometimes they are overpriced. Glad to see you got a true deal there. Enjoy!

Domesticrazy said...

I love it when people are so nice! What great finds...and I think you've sold me on the "Keep calm and carry on" poster. I need that. In fact, I may buy 4000 of them and wallpaper my house.