Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Camera Love!!!

So a few weeks ago, on my DAD's birthday actually, my parents bought boy and I a new camera for our birthdays, which are both in summer. I think my parents were most thrilled when boy and I got engaged that they'd now be able to buy BIG ASS JOINT PRESENTS for us. Like, more excited about that than the wedding, likely. We're BIG presents people in my family (there are only three of us, we can get away with it!).

I had been using a Nikkon Coolpix L1 which I liked quite a lot, but for the wedding it was agreed all around that boy and I should have something more substantial, with better image stabilization and with semi manual functions like shutter priority control for low light. Also, for my Etsy shop, I needed a KILLER macro.

My dad did tons of research (he's the camera junkie!) and decided that the Panazsonic FZ18 was our best bet. The neatest features are an 18x optical zoom (!!!) and the fact that the lens is 28mm instead of 35, so its not quite a wide angle but its wider than a standard camera lens.

I've more or less always had point and shoot cameras. And I love taking photos and fiddling with my settings but I'm not quite ready for a dslr yet. So this camera is a GREAT balance. I've got lots more control than I'm used to but I can still throw it in auto and let the camera do the work for me when I want to.

The pictures here boy took . . . playing with focus options. Then, check out that macro!!! But really what I can't wait for is to take this baby to the UK and try out that wide angle on some cathedrals!

So, who's gonna watch Project Runway with me tonight? ;)


Nutsy Coco said...

Fun! Having a camera you love is a must in my book. You'll have awesome jewelry pics!

Jane said...

Awesome photos! Sniff. We don't have cable. No Runway for me...until it comes out on DVD.

ReFabulous said...

WOW -- what a difference! Your pics were great before, but these are amazing. Yay for joint gifts!