Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Like a hole in the head

Yep, I need another craft habit EXACTLY as much as I need a hole in the head. Nevertheless, in an ongoing effort to improve my Etsy packaging before the holiday season, I've wound up somehow adding paper crafts to my ever growing repertoire (and supply stash!)

Over the weekend, while out on one of our many hardware/linen store outings, I managed to drag the boy into Michaels for "JUST ONE SECOND, I SWEAR!" to buy a shiny new tag shaped die cutter. The plan was that I'd like to have tags for my neckwarmers that coordinate with my jewelry box bands (ie: recycled from magazine pages). I got a bunch of full sheet white label stickers, slapped them on the backs of pretty magazine pages, and started punching. I used pearl cotton thread to make ties and wrote my shop url on the backs (that's what the label paper was for!) in pretty purple ink.

These tags are super fun and easy to make and I think they'll look great on my neckwarmers! I'm also planning on using them on the pieces I'm making for a MASSIVE Australian wholesale order I'm currently working on. Yep, massive order! I'm going to have pieces in boutiques in Australia!! :D

Now, of course, mere days after purchasing a tag puncher, I'm hankering for a sticker machine. How neat would it be to have coordinating STICKERS for my shop too? To seal celo bags? Or to seal padded mailers? Anyone have a sticker machine? Any recommendations?


Nutsy Coco said...

I know the feeling! It is a great idea though and I'm planning on doing the same thing for some knitting projects I'm giving as gifts. I thought it would be nice to attach a tag with washing instructions.

Congrats on your wholesale order!

Domesticrazy said...

Wow! Hooray for the Aussies! I hope you make a mint. Love the tag idea, too. You do know you are my model for craft business success, right?

Also, did you know that Oreos are vegan? And that thanks to your damn cupcakes I will be getting fat this weekend? Deliciously fat? Yep. Those Oreos don't stand a chance.

Domesticrazy said...
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Domesticrazy said...

Posted my comment twice. Off to huff glue.

HollyLynne said...

oreos . . . VEGAN!?!?!?! head just exploded!

thanks about the Etsy :) Work hard and get lucky, thats how its done! I'm positive you're going to have tons of success with your shop too!