Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun with Applique

To break in my new sewing desk, I made myself a new purse. I've got a fantabulous collection of souvenir tea towels collected by my parents in Ireland and England last year. Initially I'd planned to make purses actually OUT OF the towels a la this purse I made about a year ish ago. But once I got to actually contemplating and cutting things, I decided using the images as appliques would be an even neater look.

This purse I made using a tea towel image of a Welsh flag (hooray for Wales!) sewn on to a piece of mustard yellow Irish grown linen and lined with a remnant of linen-like, nubby plaid. (The plaid inside is actually quite similar to the plaid that was originally on my sewing chair . . . but somehow it works FAR more successfully as a lining than it does as a chair covering!)

I read a tutorial somewhere along the line that suggested you interface the back of your applique piece before sewing it in, which I did this time and I think worked really well. The tutorial also suggested you shorten the stitch length on your zig zag in order to get a better, more complete coverage on the edges. The fact that at no point prior had this EVER occured to me just goes to show what an incompetent seamstress I am! But what the heck, I have fun with it anyhow :D

Also learned in making this that the linen setting on my iron does NOT mix well with fusible web interfacing. Like, at all.

Leading up to the wedding, its fun to have a little something Welsh related to wear! And speaking of the wedding . . . its SO on. The other night Boy and I were watching Colbert Report, the episode with Rush performing. As soon as the band started up boy and I both, completely in unison, said "Woaahhhhhhh . . . " because a) they were playing Tom Sawyer and we both had totally expected them to play some crap-tastic new song like most bands would and b) we both KNEW in about 1/3 of a note that the song WAS Tom Sawyer and not some crap-tastic new song. If thats not a sign we should be married I don't know what is :D

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