Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Photo taken just after movers left. What I said upon entering this room isn't fit to print. Not that I mind profanity, but what I said was actually more blasphemous than profane (not that I have a problem with blasphemy either . . . just don't necessarily want to muckrake by broadcasting on internet).

Several hours later (although note, the lingering presence of daylight!). More or less all of the furniture is going to get packed off to Goodwill (not too soon though, the donations guys know me by name at this point and its a little embarrassing. They probably think of me as "the girl with the absurd assortment of crap"). Boy and I have picked out a new bed and we'll get a dresser that goes with . . . just one, double wide I suppose. The bookcase and chair are staying, although not necessarily in the same positions.

Lest you think the bedroom is all I managed to work on in the THREE WHOLE DAYS I took off from work, rest assured a post on my NEW SEWING DESK! will be forthcoming. Also, post on new camera (notice how much nicer my pictures are? yep, NEW CAMERA!)


Nutsy Coco said...

Very cool bed you picked out! Moving is such a pain but it's great for clearing out all your junk!

Jane said...

May the force be with you! Looking forward to your next posts on the sewing table and the camera!

Domesticrazy said...

Ooooh, nice pics! New camera love is the best. I'm glad you guys are in, and really, you can't keep bacon as a souvenir. Dude.