Friday, July 25, 2008

Bedroom Window

This isn't the post I'd hoped to be posting. The BIG SPECTACULAR AWSOME AND TOTALLY UNIQUE window treatment boy and I are working on is for the little window in our bedroom and its not quite done . . . actually, its kind of killing us. You'll see. But in the meantime, we DID manage to get a not so spectacular yet still VASTLY improved window treatment up in our big bedroom window.

Now, not to complain about having big windows cause, HELLO! Big windows rule! But finding the right hardware for a window 118 freakin' inches across was a pain. The first pole we bought said it would extend to 120 inches . . . and it did . . . except once it was fully extended the ends were kinda floppy and it was TOTALLY UNABLE to support any weight in the form of, you know, curtains. (Whats the fecking point, by the way? Did they think it was going to wind up in someone's home as a curtainless 'Decorative Pole'? After we took it down I told boy to save it and he said "yeah . . . we could use it . . . as a . . . pole?")

So we tried again, which of course meant a whole new round of spackling, fighting with the power drill, climbing ikea dressers that were totally not built to be stood on, etc.

When we finally got it up though, the improvement was just incredible. We'd had the original blinds from when the condo was built (in the 80s as it would happen). Not only were they cheap and tacky looking but they were YELLOWING . . . and the original owner hadn't put in plain white blinds, they'd chosen the much more upscale option of white with PINK SPLASHES. The horror!

Our new curtains I copped out and bought at Linens n' Things' going out of business sale. I know, I know, I can sew. And I will. But these were cheaper than the fabric would've been and boy and I both liked them. Also, I did kind of end up sewing them because in order to get enough (four panels!) I had to buy them in three different lengths then hem them all to match. (Note the strategic furniture placement so you can't see if my hems line up. Ha!)

So a quick coat update: Boy thinks I should buy it! He hasn't actually seen it yet. I think him telling me to buy it had more to do w/ my raging PMS and his terror than it did with the actual coat. Nevertheless, we're going to go visit it tonight and see if he likes it in person. We've been joking that Zara must've dusted it with a fine layer of crack before putting it on display. That would neatly explain my obsession!

Cross your fingers for me that this weekend we'll get the little window done!


Domesticrazy said...

Nice! Stupid PMS.

HELP US. Etsy = hard on brain.

(Shop is Moiraandalice)


ReFabulous said...

Ooooooohh, look at that view! Gorgeous!

And I've compromised many times when it came to DIY vs. store-bought window treatments. It's hard to do, isn't it? Sometimes, it IS cheaper to just buy them already-made.

Nutsy Coco said...

Aren't home improvement projects such fun? The good thing about them is that the major hassles they were seems to fade with time and the memories are buried when it's time to take on the next one.

I agree, sometimes it's easier and cheaper to go the store-bought route. And you DID add your own homemade touch :)

HollyLynne said...

thanks guys!!!!
so annoying that window panels are sometimes cheaper than fabric. glad to hear it isn't just me though! :)