Thursday, June 19, 2008

So excited I could pee

Boy and I are going to see the Old 97s tonight. THE M-EFFIN OLD 97S!!!!! I just told boy that they're one of the top three live bands I've EVER seen in my ENTIRE LIFE and I've seen a fuck-ton of bands and I don't like much of anything. And the best part? BOY HAS NEVER SEEN THEM!!! Its like introducing someone to CAKE! Like, oh, gosh, you've eaten bread and water your whole life? That sucks. Here, have some M-EFFIN' CAKE!!! (Although maybe not quite at that level since boy has also seen a fuck-ton of bands and one of the other top three live bands EVER! is on his label.) But still, all considered, EXTREMELY exciting!

Almost exciting enough to make up for the fact that the mortgage industry blows big fat expensive chunks and for the fact that most of my craft supplies are PACKED in TAPED SHUT BOXES. Ah, feck it, it IS ENOUGH to make up for all of that!

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