Monday, June 9, 2008

IT FITS!!!!!

I picked up the dress on Saturday and OH MY GOSH it fits BEAUTIFULLY! Almost to the point where I'm kinda worried about what would've happened if I HADN'T lost all that weight. You can rest assured that now that I know the dress fits perfectly I'll gain it all back. Thats life . . . but I've got a good tailor's number! (Yes, I can sew, but not anything thats going to have to fit a human body!).

I think the real reason it fit so beautifully is that there's some corsetry involved . . . those things are genius, what I wouldn't do to bring full on corsets and court gowns back into fashion. They make your body look INSANE! Who cares about breathing?! OVERRATED. If my waist can look that small, then oxygen really is a secondary concern.

So . . .wanna see? ;) My dad put a super top secret website up with photos of the dress. This blog post right here is the ONLY place in the whole web where I'm going to link to that site. And boy, if you click, know that I'd probably forgive you but your mom never will . . . so STEP AWAY FROM THE MOUSE BUTTON! :D



Nutsy Coco said...

It's beautiful!! It's simple yet has a lot of character. And you look super happy in it :)

HollyLynne said...

thanks!!! I am super happy in it . . .i'm soooooo thrilled with how it turned out, can't wait to wear it!!!

kathydkeith said...

Wow - I just stopped by on a rabbit trail around the internet and came upon your site.

I love your wedding dress! Gorgeous. And you look great in it.


Domesticrazy said...

Woo hoo foxy lady! Love the dress, what great and simple lines. Wales will never know what hit it.

HollyLynne said...

Thanks guys!!!!

Jane said...

Some kind of wonderful! Seeing the bridal salon made me so nostalgic for my own wedding. The best time! Enjoy every precious minute!