Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Thoughts

- Marian Keyes' new book is out on the 17th! I ADORE her stuff . . . its chick-lit-y but without the nasty, cheetos-type, "I just read something that completely insulted my intelligence" aftertaste. Her books are actually smart instead of being entirely about shoes, shopping, and/or getting some poor sap to agree to marry you.

- Speaking of poor saps marrying me, MY DRESS IS READY!!! I'm going to pick it up this weekend. I'm THRILLED to be getting it finally. I'm going to be doing some alterations to my coat (decided I don't like the fur collar and cuffs) so it'll still be a long road before I can see my "final" wedding outfit all put together, but one step closer is always nice!

- I'm working like a mad woman to build up stock for my Etsy shop up so that I can take a breather when the packing/moving/mortgage aquiring starts to ramp up. I've got tons of yummy new things to list! Coinage is involved ;)

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