Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding Jewelry (but not mine!)

I'm in a friend's wedding in July and, of course, I've offered to make her bridesmaid's jewelry. The photo she found as our inspiration is above. I'm going to do Swarovski pearl drops in burgundy in sterling with these adorable bails we found on Fire Mountain gems. I'd have liked to use freshwater pearls instead of the Swarovski ones, but the freshwaters are never perfectly round . . . and since bridesmaids are meant to match I figured a high quality synthetic might make more sense. Also, the Swarovski pearls come half drilled, so I'll be able to make drops from them without having to use a head pin.

I just placed the order and already I'm DYING to get it so I can see how the neckalces come out! Simple pearl drops aren't something I've done before since I didn't think pearls were really my style. But thats mostly because I've only ever seen them done in white and pastels. If I'd known all along that they come in black cherry, dark peacock and antiqued copper I'd have been using pearls ages ago! As it stands, I've ordered all of the above colors, and then some! So expect some pearl jewelry in my Etsy shop soon :)

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