Monday, May 19, 2008

Tiara action shots!

Ok, Ok . . . so I took some tiara action shots. If all my blogfriends, and even the most excellent and hilarious Swistle whose blog I've been stalking for ages, want to see action photos then I've got to post them.

Let it be known that my hair is totally gnarly and filthy in these pictures and on the actual wedding day I expect it to be at least a little cleaner. Although I'm not exaclty known for neat and tidy hair.

The first photo is an excellent shot of the tiara itself. The little round bits in between the arches are actually DANGLY so they move and shimmer quite a lot in real life. The second shot is totally gratuitous as its a better photo of me (having something to do with the fact that its blurry, I wonder?), but it does serve to give a better idea of the height of the tiara.

Seeing it in photos now, I think I'm actually more comfortable with the tiara-y-ness than I thought I was. I'm a bride, right? I'm allowed, right? I mean, the only times in a woman's life when she can get away with a tiara are a) anytime before the age of 7 and b) on her wedding day . . . so maybe I should take advantage of that little loophole.

Also, for the record, its a damn good thing the boy and I will be moving soon since I just spent half an hour standing in front of an open window taking photos of myself wearing a tiara.

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Nutsy Coco said...

I think it will be perfect for your wedding!