Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did someone say "nap"?

This last week or so has been kind of a pain in the ass. To kick things off, I got a cold. At first I thought it was just REALLY BAD ALLERGIES which I'm prone to anyways so I harassed the office HR person about the building's air quality and took more benedryl than I'd care to admit to taking. By Thursday morning though I realized I was well and truly eff-ed with some kind of actual illness. I stayed home from work, took several naps, and recovered nicely just in time to watch the boy come down with my exact same cold. On the Friday preceding a long weekend. Well, shit.

We managed to have some fun anyhow. We went out Friday night and saw Indiana Jones which was a SPECTACULARLY good time. On Sunday went up to a cabin that the boy's family owns in the mountains for some hiking (in the drizzle . . . ill advised for the boy really but I made him a nice pot of veggie soup afterwards). Then had a BBQ with my parents on Monday.

Then it was back to work on Tuesday and by "work" I mean not only the job that pays me but the job of real life, which has become much more complicated recently with a wedding date looming right around the corner. I'm happy to report though that EXCELLENT progress has been made on the 'putting life together' front and that I'll be moving at the end of June! Oh, whats that? You thought the boy and I already lived together? See, that would be rational but its not exactly true yet. It turns out getting into a home which one owns is far, far more complicated than deciding to shack up with one's boyfriend and moving into the nearest apartment. Who knew.

But anyhow, HUGE progress has been made and I have movers lined up and everything. Soon the nesting can commence!

In between all the chaos and illness I've still been making jewelry . . . I bought a bunch of new coins (like, seriously, tons) and took them over to my dad to be drilled. I've got a slew of new items to list in my Etsy shop, including tons of coin charm bracelets similar to the one I made for Domesticrazy's birthday present. I've done a few variations on these . . . a lightweight version, a heavyweight version, and even a GOLD version that I'm going to list later in the week. Hooray for coinage!


Nutsy Coco said...

Congrats on finding a place! Moving is a pain but I'm sure it'll be a fun and movers are a Godsend!

Swistle said...

Oooo, I love coin things! I'm going to go look at your Etsy shop!

Domesticrazy said...

I love Harrison Ford...but weren't the first few scenes, well, weird with him looking like an old man? I loved it. What a fun ride!

Glad you two are feeling better. I love that bracelet, by the way! I jingle jangle jingle!

HollyLynne said...

nutsy . . . YES moving, pain . . .so much pain!!! but i'm going to end up with a craft space for once in my life so bring it on! :)

swistle, yea for etsy! :)

and domesticrazy i'm so glad you're still liking that bracelet! i've been making tons of them, they're sooooo much fun! i can't decide if i like maing them more or LISTING them, cause thats when i get to poke around online id'ing all the coins :) and yeah . . .indiana jones did have some weird moments (my favorite was shia whatever his face is swinging from trees . . .wtf?!?) but it was still the best fun i've had at a theatre for a while!