Friday, May 2, 2008

Sephora who I LOVE

Beauty products can be freakin' expensive. Not just in the sense that some brands think $110 is a perfectly fine price for a moisturizer, but in the sense that even at a meagre $10 to $20 a pop, a season's worth of eye shadows can add up to over $100 pretty darn quickly. (And by the way . . . that Lancome moisturizer is rad, so if you've got it, spend it. I wasn't merely going for an absurdly priced example just there, cause if I had been I'd have used this one. Which is also, sadly, rad.)

Beauty tools are a newly trendy category. Sephra is littered with devices like the no!no! for hair removal, the Clarisonic skincare brush and the Zeno acne clearing device are all WELL over $100 a pop. They're sort of the ipod-ification of beauty products . . .there's always something new on the market and its always going to be better than what you were using before. By a lot. Also, more expensive.

The other day, the Zeno got the better of me. I don't have full blown 10th grade style acne, but I do get the occasional blemish, as I'm sure we all do. The difference is that I'm exceedingly vain, so what would be a small blemish to any other girl is AN INSURMOUNTABLE ISSUE to me. The Zeno is $185 . . . but I decided that, given my excessive vanity, if it were to actually work it'd be well worth the price (Especially with my wedding day looming. Did I mention how much I spent on a photographer?).

So I bought it. And it didn't work. I've read all the reviews and everyone seems to rave about this thing so I really don't want to rain on anyone's parade because maybe it DOES work for some people. Just not for me. And you know what? I didn't CARE. Because I took it back to Sephora today and they gave me my money back. Not store credit, MONEY. And this is why I love them.

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