Friday, May 9, 2008

Remember Those Red Plaid Glasses?

The ones that nobody commented on so I therefore think y'alls probably thought were lame? Yeah, those. I BOUGHT THEM!!! :D

I got them in the mail yesterday, so a grand total of 10 days from placing the order. The prescription is perfect . . . no discernible difference at all between the Zenni glasses and my several hundred dollar optician's office Prada ones. And the frames are freakin' adorable, I don't care if nobody else loves them cause I DO! My grand total including shipping added up to $17.90 (I sprung for a pair of $12.95 frames instead of the $8 ones). I'm so pleased with them that I'm going directly from posting this blog entry to order a pair of prescription sunglasses.

And maybe these too. In burgundy. I'm serious. I love them.

Listening:  Meho Plaza- "The Beach" Album Release Party Tonight!"


Nutsy Coco said...

I somehow missed commenting the first time around but I like them! And the price CAN'T be beat!

TamaliMama said...

they look great! I am looking into getting a pair for myself, beats the $ ones any day!