Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hot damn, there are some great finds on Etsy lately! I've practically had to gnaw off my own mouse trigger finger to keep from going into massive paypal debt lately. Things I'm craving SERIOUSLY at the moment are:

Baba Studio Prague's "The Penny Farthing" Messenger Bag (Dude, seriously, have you EVER seen a cooler print?!?!?)

Michelle Christina's Dragon Vinyl Wall Decals (Seriously, if I weren't mere months away from moving house I'd already have bought these.)

Little Houses' Birch Top (How ridiculiously neo-Victorian is that?!?!)

and lastly, Madgickle's Knighton print (Which the boy and I have actually registered for)

There is some SERIOUSLY good shopping out there at the moment . . .

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