Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chicken SKIN?!?! And how might that be necessary?

I was at Trader Joes last night picking up ingredients for enchiladas for the boy and my dinner tonight. I typically use a sauce from Pavilions thats under $2 a jar and pretty damn good, but in the interest of not wanting to go to two stores I checked out the label on the Trader Joe's brand just to see if it'd be an OK substitute. And OMFG, the ingredients listed not only chicken stock but CHICKEN SKIN. Revolting beyond all which heretofore revolted me.

Meat products lurk in the most absurd places. Scan the label of a Twinkie and you'll find "Beef Fat". I defy anyone to fully enjoy a fluffy little snack cake whilst thinking of Beef Fat. Chicken stock finds its way into such a myriad of items its almost not worth recounting them all. Let it suffice to say though that I've pretty much had to give up on Rice-A-Roni and soups in restaurants.

The exception to the soup rule can be found, oddly, in restaurants in the UK. You would think that crunchy granola Los Angeles would far surpass, say, a miniscule town in north Wales in terms of vegetarian friendliness, but you'd be wrong. In the UK "vegetable soup" is almost never made with meat stock. In fact, one gets quite a few odd looks even inquiring about how vegetarian, exactly, that vegetable soup is. A spade is a spade there. Here, a spade is often a spade with a smattering of chicken and/or cow parts.

Any other vegetarians out there . . . whats the most bizarre place you've found hidden animal ingredients?

(cartoon lifted from . . .hysteria abounds.)


Jane said...

Lard is in so many things like animal crackers (cheap brands anyway.) Since you are from LA, have you been to Real Food Daily? I am not a vegetarian, but I really like a lot of their food. Their nachos are my all time fav.

HollyLynne said...

i LOVE Real Food Daily!!! I usually get the Salisbury Seitan . . .sooooo good!!! I'll have to try those nachos though, never have!

Domesticrazy said...

The worst was when I was pregnant and realized there was lard in Hostess products. I nearly puked. Beyond that, I'm always mystified when meat ends up in BREAD products. Gross.

And why the HELL would anyone put chicken skin in anything? I bet it was a dare.

Loved the bunch of grape earrings, by the way. Fabulous!!

Rachel said...

Nice to read something positive about the UK for once! It's easy to be a veggie here. But vegetarianism still mystifies most of Europe - my French mother struggled bravely with the concept, but has left memorable quotes, e.g. "But pate isn't meat!!" or "Will he eat it if I take the meatballs out?"

I once read a label on some hot dogs, and found they listed 'pork plasma'. That's up there with your chicken skin sauce, I think.