Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boots Botanics Skin Softening Body Butter

You'd think I own stock or something the way I rave about Boots products, but I don't. I just LOVE them to pieces and so I've got invested interest in helping spread the word that they're available at Target and CVS in an effort to make sure those stores keep stocking them. So I don't have to go back to flying to the UK w/ an extra suitcase once a year just to bring back a stash of lotions. (not exaggerating.)

The other day CVS had a buy one get one half off sale going on Boots products so I decided to try something new to go along with the face cream I needed anyways. Boots Botanics products are generally awesome, but this body butter really takes the cake. For starters, its $11.99 for over 14 ounces (thats pretty much double what most body butter tubs hold). Then there's the fragrance which is sweet but not fake-y or over the top. The packaging claims it contains honey and it smells like it might ACTUALLY have honey in it. Not like its pumped full of sugary, chemical fragrances but like there might be some honest to goodness honey floating around in there. And lastly there's the fact that it actually delivers on its promise to soften skin. I've had this weird scaly patch going on on the back of one arm (boy has been calling me 'part lizard') and after ONE USE of this cream it disappeared and has yet to resurface.

I think I've found a new favorite!


Rachel said...

every time I see body butter I really want it but I never actually get it. I don't know why. One day I'll probably get fed up with myself and go out and buy a HUGE costco sized gallon o' body butter.

HollyLynne said...

this is almost a gallon size :D