Friday, April 11, 2008

Wrist Pondering

There's something about big, bold wrist cuffs that is vaguely medieval and gothic yet at the same time modern and rocker-ish. Just to make things especially confusing, I think some cuffs also have a bit of a Victorian / Edwardian vibe going on. Any time you can cross reference your historical nods to that extent is bound to be a good time.

I have two cuffs from Hollyhawk's Etsy shop, one called Birdwatching in chartreuse (that color is much mellower and earthy looking in person) and one in a red damask pattern that she made special just for me (so there!) (although I'm sure she'd make one for you too, if you asked). I wear them pretty much daily - no, really, I've got the red one on now.

Some others that I've lusted after are Bayou Salvage's drop dead gorgeous Mojo Cuffs made with vintage skeleton keys; because who doesn't love a good skeleton key? And Boudoir Queen's "good enough for bridal AND good enough for rock stars" Guinevere cuff.

I'm thinking about experimenting with some cuff making operations of my own for my Etsy shop . . . necessity being the mother of invention, cuffs are something I adore but haven't yet experimented with making for myself. I think making them with coins or big gemstones (as is my M.O.) would be a neat twist I think . . . the one thing that's holding me back though is the fact that I'm not really into the idea of using leather. I had this whole cuff making thought about a year ago and I bought a scrap swatch of the softest, most gorgeous grey leather to play around with. I've never even cut into the stuff . . . I just don't feel right about it, being a vegetarian (although the leather I bought WAS scrap, so I technically was salvaging instead of creating new demand for cow hide.) I've gone a bit further in my experiments using vinyl, but in general vinyl is really stiff and unbreathable, so it makes for a sweaty and uncomfortable cuff. Also, my sewing machine hates vinyl with an all consuming passion. Maybe a nice thick velvet mixed with coins and gems would do the trick . . . and would be unique enough I think to find a market on Etsy. I'll have to give it a shot . . . I'll post again with the results of my experiments!

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ReFabulous said...

Hollyhawk's cuffs have been on my wish list for a looong time! I have thought about making cuffs, too, but never really got around to it. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

HollyLynne said...

Hollyhawk's are TOTALLY WORTH IT if you ever want to treat yourself . . .I adore mine and wear them sooooo much!
I'm actually all set to try to make cuffs tonight . . .I went to the craft store and picked up some gorgeous 100% linen, lace and velcro. We'll see how it goes!