Friday, April 4, 2008

Taking it Off

I love makeup almost as much as I love beading and cooking. Not quite as much as my fiance, but still, that's a lot!! I've been wearing more or less full makeup every day since I was 13 but I'm pretty slick at applying it, so most people (men especially) think I'm not wearing any at all. The trick of getting it all off at the end of the day though, I've had a bit of fuss with.

I've tried just about every makeup remover out there, fancy department store ones, specialty boutique brands, drugstore brands . . . and nothing, I mean NOTHING, works anywhere near as well as Johnsons Baby Lotion. The whole baby oil for eye makeup removal thing is pretty well documented, I think makeup removal is actually listed as a use on the packaging. As for baby lotion though, I'm pretty much sure I'm the only freak using that stuff to remove mascara. But it does the job . . . for serious. Baby lotion can rip right through waterproof mascara, and its the only product I've ever used that doesn't leave me with raccoon circle smudges of leftover makeup ringing my eyes in the morning. It might not be kosher, but at $3.50 for a bottle that can take off mascara for almost 2 years running I think I'm gonna go ahead and run with this one.

Listening:  Old 97s- "Blame It On Gravity"


Domesticrazy said...

Hey-it's been a bit since I last checked in (stupid dealing with life crap)-LOVE the new design of the blog! And I hope those tension headaches go away now that you're insured. I don't wear makeup often, but I'll remember the lotion tip for when I do. I never would have thought of that; how did you figure it out?

Zololkis said...
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HollyLynne said...

Thanks about the new layout!!! I felt like it was time for a change :) The headaches have been much improved lately too. How did I figure out about the baby lotion . . . I was sort of working off the baby oil theroy. Baby oil gets in my eyes though and makes everything blurry, not good! So I thought I'd try lotion and it totally worked.