Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Springtime Sampler Joy

Oh how I love The Sampler. Basically The Sampler collects and redistributes samples from all sorts of indie businesses. They distribute to consumers who have actually purchased 'issues' of The Sampler, as well as to all of their contributors and to media contacts. When I first started crafting as a business, the idea of making at least 25 handmade samples to give away for FREE seemed insane, let alone totally daunting. But after hearing The Sampler's praises sung loudly and persistently on Craftster, I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try. I DO think that The Sampler has helped draw attention to my shop, both by drawing in buyers who got my items in their Sampler and by the exposure of being listed (with photographs!) on the Sampler website.

This month, having not contributed last month, I was hell bent on coming up with a unique new type of sample to send out. Also, having blown pretty much all of my crafting budget for the month at Fire Mountain Gems, I was really hoping to come up with a sample that I could make (at least 25 of!) without having to purchase ANY new materials. I have a TOONNNN of 100% cotton yarn lying around that I'd purchased long ago to make crocheted clutches which I sort of don't do anymore. I also have a veritable s**tload of buttons lying around an an oddly high number of sew on pin backs. So I came up with the idea of making crocheted corsages with button centers and OH MY GOODNESS did they EVER come out cute!!! So cute in fact that I'm trying out a slightly upgraded version with vintage rhinestone button centers for my shop. I love how bright and Spring-y they are . . .and to me at least they've got a slightly retro vibe that's just so sweet.

The method (seriously, its not even a pattern, I can't call it one) is to chain 4, slip stitch to make a circle, 2 sc then 13 dc in the ring to make a "coin" shape. then the petals are *2 sc, 2 dc in same stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, repeat from * all the way around (7 Petals). The centers are the same except w/o the dc all the way around and making only 5 petals in the circle instead of 7. I sew them together with regular thread using buttons as centers, then sew on the pin backs.

I made 25 . . . .I typically submit 50 samples but this to be honest was a bit more labor intensive than my usual contributions, so I decided to cut myself some slack. I've been working my tush off lately with the wedding planning and my Etsy shop (which sort of go hand in hand since I'm trying to pay for the wedding with Etsy earnings) and with the tension headaches and all, I feel a little slack cutting here and there is probably in order. Tonight, the boy and I have the new Tudors episode on tape, a nice dinner planned and tonnnns of wine leftover from the engagement party that we could get into. I also hit 250 sales in my shop this morning (HOORAY!!!) so tonight, aside from just being a fun night at home, will also feel like a bit of a celebration.

Listening:  Mew- "The Zookeeper's Boy"

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