Monday, April 21, 2008

The most insanely wonderful $14 jacket on earth.

While I can get away with jeans and tee shirts most of the time at the office, I do prefer to dress things up a little bit (if only because my Etsy work is usually done on the sofa in pyjamas!). I adore jackets of all kinds, and with the weather starting to warm up (shakes fist at LA sun!) its been getting a bit uncomfortable to wear them. I have one short sleeved jacket that I've been wearing pretty much incessantly this month. There's just something so "cutesy" about most short sleeve jackets, like you're dressed to go to a garden party and not an office. The one I've had is more of a bomber style, so its a bit tough. I've had a heck of a time finding any others that I like though.

Thankfully, I found a GREAT new option over the weekend, definitely not garden party material! Now, work with me here and imagine the tie completely going away (ties are for garden parties). What you've got leftover is a perfectly fitting (stretchy twill!) jacket thats covered up enough to wear just a cami underneath and comes in tonnnns of great colors. I bought one in rust and another in dark beige. I would've picked up a navy and a grey too but they were out of my size in those colors (there are other stores! I could check the other stores!). Best of all, with a simple tank top underneath the neckline is still modest enough for work, but leaves tons of room to show off an awesome necklace. Which, you know, comes in handy when you're a necklace-maker :)

Listening: To my most awesome new mix CD that the boy and I made this weekend: Division Day, Evan Voytas, BrakesBrakesBrakes, Pretty the Quick Black Eyes, Christie Front Drive, All sorts of goodness!!!

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Nutsy Coco said...

Oooo, that is a very cute jacket!