Thursday, April 17, 2008

Living quite happily without paper towels

I ran out of paper towels about a month ago and due to various reasons (but mainly my inability to be bothered much by my own minutiae. See also how I don't change burnt out light bulbs.) I haven't bought any more. I've been existing quite happily using a stash of washcloths which I use, rinse out, then wash with my laundry at the end of the week.

So far, the only sticking point has been the boy's desire to have a napkin with dinner every night. I know lots of people make their own napkins for washing and reuse and I'm sure I'll sit down and do that at some point, but I'm not sure exactly what to make them out of (materials suggestions, if anyone has them, please!).

At least I thought that was the only sticking point . . . last night when I pointed out that I hadn't had paper towels in the house for a month and I'd been getting along fine without them, the boy sort of balked. He actually called me a hippie. Then I said "That's all very well dear, but I'm going to blog about the no paper towels thing tomorrow and I bet you others will agree that paper towels aren't all that". To which he replied "Fine, I'll start my own blog, in which I'll call you a hippie." (whatever.)

The boy's reticence aside, I actually feel pretty good about not using paper towels. Environmentally and in the sense that I'm not spending money on them anymore. Also, they've always been a tough thing to store in a one bedroom apartment and now I don't have to. So there.
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Domesticrazy said...

Congrats on the paper towel abandonment program! I'm supposed to have them for the kids to dry their hands on in the bathroom; it's a health code rule for the day care and it drives me nuts. I compost them. The washcloth idea is fantastic-I use cloth diapers outside the bathroom. They are lint free and the most absorbent things ever.

The napkins I made were from cotton and linen. Both work well. Darker colors for the cotton ones have worked out better- the cotton ones seems to stain more easily than the linen ones for some reason. I love fabric napkins. They are prettier than paper and less wasteful. Plus I can whip 'em out so fast!

organicstills said...

I'm commenting on your blog now...tag you're it! You should crochet some dishcloths. That's how we've been making the move away from paper towels in our house. Brian loves them...I'll bet you can convert Paul too!

motleycruiser said...

pick up some old linen napkins in funky designs the next time you hit the thrift store. Then you can use some for papertowls & some for craft projects