Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Little Etsy Facelifting

I've done some housecleaning and renovating in my Etsy shop over the last few days. Those flower brooches I made for the Sampler (see below!) came out so freakin' cute that I wanted to try out making them for my shop as well. The first one I listed just a day or so ago sold (yea for sales!) so I made one more, pictured above. I've started a new section called the "Brooch Garden" to keep them in. Its nice to have a quick and fun crochet item for my shop . . . neckwarmers don't exactly sell in April! I'm also totally excited to have found a cute use for some of my vintage buttons. Many of those I only have in singles, so the 'center of flower' application is PERFECT to use them up.

I've also morphed the "Victoria Collection" into the "Somewhere In Time" collection. While I still have and use and love them, I've moved on a bit from Victoria pennies. I've got some great 1920s French coins and a few interesting uses for slightly newer English pennies, so I decided to compile pretty much everything 1920s and earlier into one section (save the items that belong in "The Archaeologists Collection"!).

Moving things around in my shop tends to spark a few sales so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that happens this time as well! I've got a wedding in Wales to pay for :D

On the "being nice to myself to prevent any further stabbing pain in face episodes" front, I'm happy to report that I took myself to CVS last night and bought a nice big bottle of Boots Mediterranean Bergamot, Orange and Olive Bath Foam and tonight I'm letting the boy handle cooking dinner (admittedly he's going to make pre-prepared frozen veggie potstickers and birds nests from Trader Joes, but still. And he's oddly better at panfrying potstickers than I am. So I know they'll be awesome!)

Listening:  Old 97s- "Curtain Calls"

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