Monday, April 14, 2008

Keeping It Together

My bead stash is expanding to the point where its going to require its own piece of furniture soon. Since the boy and I will be making a move sometime this year though, I'm trying to make do for the moment with a collection of plastic storage containers. No point in buying new furniture to fit an apartment I'm not planning on staying in for much longer.

Joann carries pretty much perfect bead organizers for $1.39 and I've got 9 of those in use at the moment. As great as they are though for storing beads, they're way too small for pliers and spools of wire. I've been keeping all of those peripherals in a little wicker basket which is just about the dumbest idea I've ever had. Spools of wire. In wicker. Just stunning brilliance, really (rolls eyes at self). Getting anything done with that kind of setup required an extra twenty or thirty minutes to sort through my cables and disentangle them from not only the wicker basket but each other. And just in case you've never accidentally dropped a length of fine chain into a basket full of wire and pliers, for the record, don't.

I've been vaguely on the lookout for a better storage option for a while now, and at Ikea this weekend I stumbled upon just the right thing. The Glis plastic storage box is compartmentalized with moveable dividers so you can customize it to fit your stash. Its got a space big enough for jewelry pliers and its deep enough to accommodate standard size rolls of jewelry wire. It also comes in that ever so chic, slightly frosted clear plastic shade that matches my Joann bead containers just perfectly. I put all of my goodies in my new box last night and spent a few hours happily beading without having to untangle much of anything. MUCH better!

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